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   Students do many things. One of the most important things they
   do is to help build bridges. To be sure, it's not often that Bansal 
   Institutes are involved in building bridges in the literal sense of
   civil engineering, but in many ways, Bansal Institutes in particular
   , is all about building bridges: bridges that connect the different 
   fields of engineering and applied science, one to another: bridges
   that connect basic with applied science and applied science with 
   technology: bridges that connect questions of technology with ques-
   tions of ethics, of public policy, of how societies progress and 
   how people work and live in our new century. And bridges that co-
   nnect our new school with an array of other Bansal professional 
   activities, from business to Industry, from design to public health and beyond. And bridges that connect the 
   university to industry and to array of consequential challenges facing the modern large world. And bridges 
   that connect our faculty and students and that join the very rigorous pursuit of new knowledge with education 
   and indeed the inspiration of those who come here to learn, and who comprise the next generation constitute 
   the next generation, of scholars and engineers. Bridges also, that remind us that the word “engineering” 
   derives from the same root as the word “ingenuity”.

Best Wishes.
Rameshchandr jain

It is our firm belief that any investment in education is investment for
future. The future of the country is nurtured in the hands of teacher fr-
aternity. The importance of engineering education has been recognized by 
the great visionaries/leaders of the country like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru 
and lately impetus has been given to technical education by their succ-
essors since 1985. The present day comfort enjoyed by masses to the 
tune of 90% may be attributed to the engineering excellence and cons-
tant research and development brought about in technical institutions
of the country and we have come up to international standards in 
most of the areas of engineering and technology. The state engineering colleges are primarily the centers of
excellence for all private institutions nearby to which they can ape for. Broadly speaking the primary
function of the engineering institutions is to disseminate state of the art engineering technology for 
direct use on field.

Wish you all the best!
Best Wishes.
Santosh Kumar jain

It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge the respect and trust Oriental
College of Technologyhas built up since its inception in 2009. The 
unflinching commitment of the distinguished faculty and the students 
have led the Institute to the forefront.The sister concern of OIST, OCT 
is serving as a fertile ground for the flowering of luminous minds. We 
foster the spiritof learning, inculcate in our students, sense of achiev-
ement, orientation and a culture of experimentation.

With changing trends in Technology enveloping every sector global economy, OCT offers an appropriate 
ambience for budding engineers.

Wish you all the best!
Best Wishes.
Ritul Jain